Yet Another Tea Party Is Headed Our Way

Be warned: Once again, Houston will become a logic-free zone as the Teabaggers hit town.

You want a crazy title? You got one: Tea Party Express II: Countdown to Judgment Day is what they're calling it, and it all reaches the Bayou City Saturday, November 7. If we use the crowd-counting methods the Teabaggers used for their Washington event, approximately 36.8 million people will descend on Houston to protest

"All throughout the recent Tea Party Express national tour we kept receiving e-mails and phone calls from people around the nation who lived far away from the route our buses took across America," the group says. "We vowed at the time to keep the Tea Party Express effort alive -- and that's exactly what we are doing."

No details yet on exactly where protesters will gather to declare that Glenn Beck makes sense.

But we know what to expect:

1) The "MSM" will not give enough coverage; any coverage they do provide will be limited to the countless people with utterly crazy signs and banners, and not the four protesters who make calm, reasoned arguments about political viewpoints.

2) Any black attendees will be on stage.

3) Organizers will emphasize that they are not supporting any particular political party, and in fact have problems with all those tax-and-spenders up in Washington, just like they did when they had all those Tea Party events during the Bush administration.

4) Cries of "Take back the country!!" and calls to rise up and protest what's happening in Washington are completely patriotic, just as all the Teabaggers said about the much-larger-but-less-covered protests over the Iraq War.

5) The name "Hussein" will be seen or mentioned, and it won't be in connection with Saddam.

November 7, people: Be there and feel the love.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.