You Can Now, Somewhat Easily, Find Your Car That Some Bastard Has Towed

The above is a video showing Houston police chief Charles McClelland explaining the city's new Web site that helps drivers locate their car if it's been towed and no one's around to tell them where it went.

The explanation involves such things as "using technology as a force multiplier, and helping us save our precious resources," so, you know, you might not need to click on it.

But the site is pretty self-explanatory and easy.

Unfortunately, it requires that you know your license plate number, possibly at the end of a long night. (When you probably shouldn't be driving anyway.)

Have no fear, though: If you forget your license plate number, you can always use your 1,284-digit-long Vehicle Identification Number.

Big ups to the city for providing an entire press release on the thing without using one Dude, Where's My Car joke.

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