2 Gingers Cherry Rickey Cocktail (Slightly Adapted)

I have yet to buy a single Christmas present, but I already know what I will be drinking next St. Patrick's Day. You can see my priorities.

These past six months I've been on a bit of whiskey kick, forcing myself to look beyond my old favorite, Jameson, and expand my palate. I survived (and thrived!) following a tasting of over-proof Laphroaig and since then have been in the mood for something lighter, just for a change of pace.

Two Gingers Whiskey provided that respite and charmed my feminist self with a bottle design depicting two lasses, Mary and Delia. These vivacious, independent women, mother and aunt, respectively, of Two Gingers creator Kieran Folliard, represent the inspiration behind these spirits. I also liked their website, which contained a repository of recipes that provided me with ideas for St. Paddy's day and beyond (and, um, before).

This coming March 17, 2014, I plan to celebrate with a 2 Gingers Cherry Rickey. But with one little modification.

The 2 Gingers website provides a perfectly appealing recipe for the Cherry Rickey; however, the scarlet hue of the cocktail it produces doesn't quite work with the verdant theme of St. Patrick's Day.

So, I tweaked the recipe by substituting green maraschino cherry juice rather than red. As I predicted, the cocktail tasted more minty and less fruity, but the citrus of the lemon and the fiery flavor of the carbonated ginger nevertheless balanced the peppermint note as to prevent the drink from verging on fermented mouthwash.

I'll continue to experiment with 2 Gingers, probably concocting another round of traditional (red) cherry rickeys as well as some "Big Gingers" (2 Gingers' version of the classic ginger ale and whiskey highball). It's an intriguing spirit for its ostensibly mild flavor and sweet tones, which belie a propensity to smack you in the gob if you abuse it. Perhaps much like Mary or Delia.

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