5 Favorite Fashions Made From Food

Much like taste, fashion is subjective. And these days, it seems the crazier your outfits, the more attention you're likely to get. And if you can make that outfit out of anything but fabric, well, then that's just plain fun.

Shows like Project Runway highlight the use of unconventional fabrics and objects to design clothing, while superstars like Lady Gaga are paving the way in fashion oddities themselves. With everyone trying to one-up the other, it seems like everywhere you turn there's someone slapping a strip of bacon across their hooha and calling it art. Where does it end? Do we want it to? Here are my five favorite fashions made from food.

5. Artichoke Gown

Designed by Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault as part of SOTO Production's "Hunger Pains" project, this dress took six hours to finish, as each individual leaf was painstakingly attached. Talk about focus!

That goes for both the designers and the model, who had to remain standing for the entire process. Though not practical, it's actually quite beautiful.

4. Beef Jerky Clutch

Design student Nancy Wu created this Chanel replica handbag entirely out of beef jerky (with the exception of the gold chain link strap and interlocking 'C' logo.) It doesn't exactly exude the elegance of a real Chanel purse, but I'm sure it makes a handy snack on-the-go. Just avoid dog parks.

3. Chocolate Hoop Dress

Every year in Paris, the Salon du Chocolat tradeshow showcases some of the world's finest sweets and chocolatiers. Last year, they kicked off the event with a chocolate themed fashion show, and to say that the designs were impressive would be an understatement.

Can't make it to Paris to check everything out? Don't worry, New York has their own annual show, which will celebrate its 14th year this November.

2. Wedding Cake Dress

For the budget-conscious bride, why not combine two large wedding expenses -- your dress, and your cake! You're only gonna wear it once (hopefully), so might as well make a statement. Right?

1. Lady Gaga's Meat Dress I know, I know. It's been talked about to death, but Lady Gaga's outrageous meat dress from the 2010 MTV VMA Awards has to be one of the most WTF moments in all of pop culture. And fashion, for that matter.

Designers Franc Fernandez and Nicola Formichetti sewed the dress by hand, which is entirely made out of meat (flank steak to be exact). Gaga claimed it was a statement on equal rights and the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, but somehow, people didn't seem to take her seriously.

Maybe the matching meat hat, purse, and shoes detracted from the otherwise reserved and refined persona we know her to have. Whatever the case, she certainly turned heads. What do you think? Was her outfit kinda cool? Gross? Offensive? Maybe all three?

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