A Roundup of Our Best Houston Dessert Posts

Desserts are, by their very nature, always in season. Now there are immense joys to be had in making your own, but if you find yourself busy and wanting someone else to do the work, here are some of the best places you can go in Houston.

The 10 Best Desserts in Houston

There’s dessert and then there’s dessert — the uniquely Houston, show-stopping kind that might warrant a birthday treat, showing off to an out-of-town visitor or just obsessive contemplation. Many of the following sweets have achieved cult-like status among Houston diners. However, those who don't like the suggested dessert offerings here can rest assured that they will likely find something else on the dessert menu at any of these restaurants to suit their palates.

  The 10 Best Places for Desserts in Houston

Sometimes you just want something sweet and when you get that sugar craving, you have to satisfy it right then and there. Baking cookies or brownies takes too long, and that small piece of chocolate you have in your pantry just won't do it for you. But there are multiple places around town serving up killer desserts. You just have to walk inside, choose your poison, sit down and enjoy it. How easy is that?

Ten Best Places in Houston to Get Your Next Cake

It's graduation season, which means two things: uncomfortable polyester robes and cake.

Of course, I've never needed an excuse like graduation to order and then devour a custom cake (Congrats, it's Tuesday, here's a cake!), but if you need to justify your consumption, I'm sure you can think of something. Birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, new babies, new houses, quitting your shitty job, divorces, days that end in "y." All of these are legitimate excuses to eat cake.
Eat the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Houston

The search for the best chocolate chip cookie in Houston started as a simple taste test of a handful of chocolate chip cookies. Then I posted a photo on Instagram casually asking for other recommendations and received a mountain of them — which made me realize I couldn’t post an article about the search for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie in good faith without trying more of them. This resulted in a massive testing of cookies from 20 bakeries, restaurants and bars around Houston. If you’re at all up on your cookie game in Houston, the top two winners probably won’t surprise you — but the next eight might.

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