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Perfect Pairings: Bagel and Cream Cheese At The Hot Bagel Shop

It's snack time.
It's snack time. Photo by Kate McLean
Where would cookie be if it never found milk? What would melon do if Prosciutto never wrapped itself around it? Let's face it, some things are better together and Houston is home to a hotbed of delicious duos. The Houston Press decided to explore some popular pairings:

The Hot Bagel Shop: Bagel + Cream Cheese

Yes, yes, a classic match, but how many times are you disappointed with sub-par toasted and under cream cheesed bagels? I'm sorry, but "toasted" equals crispy, and "with cream cheese," means it's slightly melting out the sides. Ten times out of ten most of us would rather be in an awkward no napkin in sight scenario than the sad snack situation that is all too familiar with this match, especially in airports.

In terms of love stories, The Hot Bagel is The Notebook of the bagel and cream cheese pairing. At most bagel joints many factors fight to screw up this combination, but at 2015 South Shepherd, it's like Noah and Allie making out in the rain; every single time.

click to enlarge Good job. - PHOTO BY KATE MCLEAN
Good job.
Photo by Kate McLean
Hot Bagel, open since 1984, collects all sorts of clientele. Suits, postal workers, even a doctor's jacket-gym short combo walked through the door in the short time span of 30minutes, proving just how much bagels and cream cheese touch us all.

Classic bagel flavors and then some are represented with more than 20 varieties; sesame; pumpernickel rye, and banana walnut to name a few. You can play it safe or step outside the sandbox with different cream cheese spreads like vegetable and jalapeno.

A bagel and cream cheese will run you two bucks and change, and if you like a good toast, ask them for "dark" toasted. I liked the combination of sesame bagel, chive cream cheese and strawberry jelly, but if you don't want to get all chef-fy with it, plain on plain delivers too.

Hot Bagel is located at 2015 S. Shepherd and is open weekdays from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.; weekends 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Houston Press is searching for perfect food pairings and where they can be found. We welcome reader suggestions and ask you to send them to

click to enlarge Cinnamon Raisin with plain cream cheese is pretty good too. - PHOTO BY KATE MCLEAN
Cinnamon Raisin with plain cream cheese is pretty good too.
Photo by Kate McLean
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