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Bartender Chat: Meagan Groves of Leon's Lounge

If you talk to anyone familiar with Houston's bar scene, they are likely to bring up the newly renovated Leon's Lounge. EOW recently stopped by to check out the new digs, grab a cocktail, and have a chat with bartender Meagan Groves. Groves has only been bartending for a short while -- she used to be over at Boheme.

Groves says she's enjoying her new gig at Leon's. "So far it's been mostly newspaper people and a couple of old regulars, but new people are starting to make it in."

In addition to the beautiful revamp of the space, part of the reason for the new business must be to check out the interesting new drink menu, including something called a Horseradish Pomegranate Margarita. Seriously. We asked Groves about the HPM, but she just shook her head and directed us instead to her two favorite beverages: the Cucumber Basil Rickey, made with gin, lime, cucumber and basil, and the Green on Red, which is a mixture of rums, red bell pepper, basil and citrus juices. Both were amazing, and despite Groves's novice status, she did an excellent job whipping up the cocktails.

During her free time, Groves likes to play with her son and go to bars. Though obviously not simultaneously. She spends her days listening to the soothing voice of Alec Baldwin on Thomas the Train cartoons, as well as watching episodes of 30 Rock. "I cannot get away from Alec Baldwin!" she laughingly laments. When she's lucky enough to get some time to herself sans Mr. Baldwin, she likes to head to Grand Prize or Big Star and knock back a beer or two. Cute, bubbly, and adept at cocktail making? Meagan Groves should do well in this industry.

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Geri Maria Harris