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Perfect Pairings: Crispy French Fries and Vanilla Milkshake at Beck's Prime

Co-pilot. Photo by Kate McLean
There are moments in your life, and we all have them, when you just have to say screw it… I'm doing something for me today. Nothing satisfies that moment more than hot fried potatoes dipped in cold dairy. Wendy's, yeah, McDonalds, maybe, but if you get the opportunity to splurge at Beck's Prime, they've truly mastered the combination.

Here are some pro-tips when ordering and receiving crispy French fries and a vanilla milkshake at Beck's Prime:

1. Ask for "well-done fries, extra crispy." I even unbuckled my seatbelt and hung out the window so my words would have the best chance at making it to the person on the other end of the speaker clearly. Also, tell them you are happy to wait and you will pay extra. They won't charge you, and it doesn't take that long, but it lets them know you are serious. Then finish with a "please," followed by two, "thank you's." Shower them in gratitude because they are doing you a big favor here. This doesn't really work with limp fries.

2. When you receive the fries, quickly dig them out of the bag and open their cage. The cage does have holes, to aerate, but by opening you are ensuring the fries stay crisp longer.

3. It's likely that you are a. enjoying this alone, b. in your car and c. starving. It's best you find somewhere to pull over immediately in order for this snack to reach maximum potential, or just be really careful.

Beck's Prime does such a great job on their shakes, and the dessert portion is the perfect size too. Enjoying it 30 minutes later, when it has melted a little, is like drinking a vanilla cloud, so rich, light and airy. The well-done fries, crunchy and salty, covered up with vanilla shake is absolutely transportive. So, on second thought, just pull over. And when you get that one fry, you know, that crunches really deeply... game over.

All right check this out, I'm going to throw a little remix on this combo and don't stop reading after this statement: Do all of the above, but with KETCHUP too. But, don't be that person that dips fries into ketchup and then into the milkshake, that's gross. So, what you do is this:

click to enlarge Step one. - PHOTO BY KATE MCLEAN
Step one.
Photo by Kate McLean
Grab a cluster of fries, because let's be real eating one fry at a time isn't enough, dip it in the ketchup, eat that, chew, swallow, then go back with the bottom half of the cluster and get that milkshake. It's almost like you've seasoned your mouth for the next bite. That right there is living your best life.

click to enlarge Step two. - PHOTO BY KATE MCLEAN
Step two.
Photo by Kate McLean
One side of crispy fries and a dessert vanilla shake at Beck's Prime will run you a grand total of $7.04.

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