The chopped ribeye Bánh Mì at Roostar Vietnamese Grill is simply remarkable.EXPAND
The chopped ribeye Bánh Mì at Roostar Vietnamese Grill is simply remarkable.
Photo by Jeff Balke

Best of Houston® 2019: Best Bánh Mì

Best Bánh Mì: Roostar Vietnamese Grill

Put almost anything between two slices of bread and it's an improvement. In Houston, with its infinite diversity, that can mean a burger, a barbecue sandwich, a torta, a po' boy or an Italian hoagie. But the king of the Houston sandwiches is that wonderful French-Vietnamese hybrid, the bánh mì, and nobody does it better than Roostar Vietnamese Grill. In particular, the chopped ribeye variety.

The classic bánh mì is some protein, cucumber, pickled carrot and/or daikon, cilantro, peppers and mayonnaise (or sometimes butter) on a baguette. It's heaven in a sandwich and Roostar has raised it to a fine art with its succulent chopped beef and incredible, pillowy bread made specially for Roostar by local bakery all stars Slo Dough. In a city filled with great Vietnamese places, most all serving a pretty solid bánh mì, it's difficult to distinguish yourselves, but Roostar is the king.

1411 Gessner, Houston

5551 Richmond Avenue, Houston

Readers' Choice: Les Givral's Kahve
4601 Washington, Suite 100, Houston


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