The Mortadella Panini at 13 Celsius is the perfect late night bar food you can eat anytime.EXPAND
The Mortadella Panini at 13 Celsius is the perfect late night bar food you can eat anytime.
Photo by Jeff Balke

Best of Houston® 2019: Best Sandwich

Best Sandwich: Mortadella Panini at 13 Celsius

It says something about your sandwich when it is the go-to late-night grub for hungry restaurant industry workers. It isn't uncommon for an order for a dozen of the amazing mortadella paninis at 13 Celsius to come in right after the restaurant begins to close. And there is good reason.

This sandwich is insanely good and remarkably sophisticated for what essentially amounts to a grown up baloney on white. Take fresh, grilled mortadella, creamy provolone, spicy dijon and chopped cornichons and put them on a warm pretzel roll. Mouth watering yet? To make this brilliantly decadent bar food complete, crack a fried egg on top, so when you bite into it for the first time, the yolk runs all over the sandwich and roll. It's downright drool-worthy and you don't have to show up at midnight to get one...unless you're in the mood at midnight.

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3000 Caroline, Houston

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5172 Buffalo Speedway, Houston

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