Viet-Cajun lobster at Saigon House is one of those dishes that's sure to wow.EXPAND
Viet-Cajun lobster at Saigon House is one of those dishes that's sure to wow.
Photo by Mai Pham

Best of Houston® 2019: Best Vietnamese

Best Vietnamese Restaurant: Saigon House

There are Vietnamese restaurants that specialize in pho, rice and noodles, but most of them really only excel at one dish. Since taking over as culinary director of Saigon House in Midtown, chef Tony Nguyen has slowly revamped the menu, first by introducing gourmet pho, then by slowly adding things like Viet-Cajun crawfish, caramelized pork belly in clay pot, bánh xèo tacos and, most recently, hot pot.

The changes have transformed Saigon House into one of the most exciting Vietnamese restaurants in the city. Come during crawfish season and you’ll feast on some of the best tasting Viet-Cajun flavors in names like Saigon Heat and Thai Surprise. If you feel like it you can add a bowl of oxtail pho topped with Wagyu to your order, or start with an appetizer plate of bo tai chanh Vietnamese beef carpaccio. Specials like Viet-Cajun lobster or the tamarind blue crabs will wow but, then again, just about everything that comes from this kitchen is exemplary.

3101 Main, Houston

Readers' Choice: Mai's Restaurant
3403 Milam, Houston

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