Line 'em up, suck 'em down.
Line 'em up, suck 'em down.
Photo by Kate McLean

Best Of Houston® 2020: Best Crawfish

Best Crawfish: BB's Tex-Orleans

It’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips. The swing is in the hips.

Okay, well for crawfish, it’s all in the mix, and BB’s Tex-Orleans is the very definition of that. Crawfish season comes but once a year, and with it a flood of Houstonians sucking down pound after pound. But at BB’s, perhaps that’s because those steaming mud bugs are generously tossed in a proprietary house blend that is finger-licking addicting. Addicting, as in want more, need more, the perfect dosage of heat that causes the mouth to salivate, to thirst, while at the same time be stimulated. Tightly carbonated, cold beer bubbles are a best mate pairing or if you have a stomach made of iron, a Bloody Mary. Skip the flight, skip the drive, skip the potential death by gator and/or vampire, and head on over to BB’s on White Oak for a few pounds and a few rounds.

2701 White Oak, Houston

Readers' Choice: Ragin' Cajun
Multiple Locations

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