Gorgeous marbling on selected beef cuts platter at Bori.EXPAND
Gorgeous marbling on selected beef cuts platter at Bori.
Photo by Mai Pham

Best of Houston® 2020: Best Korean

Best Korean: Bori

Houston’s Korean food game got a huge boost this year with the opening of Bori. A Korean barbecue restaurant specializing in premium meats, the operation's owners have heavily invested in the buildout to create an upscale Korean dining experience. The design of the restaurant is sleek and modern, featuring black granite, stainless steel, and dark polished wood. Each of the tables is equipped with custom fume hoods that pull down and suck up all the smoke so that diners don’t go home smelling like the food.

The quality of the meats is reason enough to go. The beef platter is meticulously sliced to show off the rich marbling of USDA prime cuts such as short rib or NY strip. Dry-aged ribeye and dry-aged strip loin steaks and A5 Wagyu from Japan are also available, as well as pork jowl, pork belly and seasonal fish. Like other Korean restaurants, all orders come with complimentary banchan side dishes. Go with friends, order a couple of meat platters to share, and wash it all down with a bottle of soju or a Hite beer.

1453 Witte, Houston

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