Breakfast: Olive Egg Sandwich at Salento Wine Cafe

When I am in the Rice Village area Salento Wine Cafe is my destination of choice for a quiet place to study or read, with free wi-fi and strong coffee. In the evening it becomes a cool, laid-back lounge for a glass of wine, good conversation and live music. And on the weekends it's my go-to a for a leisurely breakfast. The breakfast offerings range from yogurt and fresh fruit to breakfast empanadas and quiche. My favorite dish for breakfast is the olive egg sandwich.

The olive bread for the sandwich is made in house. It's reminiscent of a light sourdough, with a crunchy exterior and a soft inside. There are small bits of green olives throughout, not whole ones, so the flavor is not as strong as a traditional olive bread, making it an ideal vehicle for a variety of ingredients. They even offer the bread as an appetizer served simply with garlic-infused olive oil or with a red pepper tapenade and hummus.

This is used for the breakfast egg sandwich, along with eggs scrambled with prosciutto, queso quesadilla (a mild Mexican melting cheese) and slices of beefsteak tomato.The sandwich is placed in a panini press until the bread is lightly toasted and the cheese is melted into the eggs. All the ingredients work together -- the salty prosciutto is balanced by the creamy cheese, and the tomatoes are juicy and sweet. It is a very simple sandwich, but the olive bread is what kicks it up a notch.

The sandwich and a small cup of South American single-origin coffee, which Salento proudly serves, will run you about $6. It's a fresh and substantial breakfast that won't bog you down.

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Minh T Truong