Buen Idea

Remember all the uproar when Dallas-based Pizza Patrón began accepting pesos a few months back?

The horror! The treachery! The 34.8 percent increase in sales!

dBusinessNews has the story:

Pizza Patrón, the premier Latino pizza brand, announced today its first quarter sales for this year have increased 34.8 percent versus the same period a year earlier. The impetus for the chain’s revenue growth is attributed to a number of strategic initiatives put in place during the previous 12 months. In 2006, the “Lista™” program was implemented systemwide, offering “ready now” large 15-inch pizzas, available in pepperoni and cheese for $4.99. In January 2007, the company launched its “Pizza por Pesos™” promotion which garnered international media attention and fueled intense debate on the issues surrounding illegal immigration in the U.S.

Although the corporate office was inundated with heated criticism to the pesos program, the stores experienced a heavy influx of new visitors. “Our customers love the program,” said Andrew Gamm, director of Brand Development for Pizza Patrón. “Perhaps our first quarter store sales are a vindication of sorts for occupying a unique position in the marketplace and not yielding to the pressure from the opposition.”

We love the way the chain is called the premier Latino pizza brand. As if there’s tons of competition in that category. – Keith Plocek

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.