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Chef Chat, Part 1: Jerry Jan of RA Sushi in City Centre

This week, we catch up with Chef Jerry Jan of RA Sushi in the beautiful CityCentre on all things sushi.

EOW: How long have you been with RA Sushi?

JJ: Almost six years now.

EOW: What are some characteristics of a good sushi chef?

JJ: You definitely have to be consistent, while making sure the food quality is of a really high standard. Also, with any type of management position, you have to be firm. But try not to be too tough, and make the atmosphere enjoyable for people visiting your establishment.

EOW: What kind of knife do you use when preparing sushi?

JJ: I use a Masamoto. It's probably one of the favorites amongst a lot of sushi chefs. It's a little pricey.

EOW: What's the ballpark cost?

JJ: About $400.

EOW: Can a normal non-restaurant person easily buy this knife?

JJ: Yes, there are a lot of online retail stores that sell it.

EOW: How often do you sharpen it?

JJ: I sharpen my knife once a week.

EOW: What's the toughest part about making sushi?

JJ: Getting food out in a time-frame where people will like it. Especially during lunchtime, when people want their food to come out within 15 minutes of when they ordered it. One thing that they don't realize is that everything is made by hand. Every single thing. So, sometimes it might take a little bit longer than expected.

EOW: Does this make cohesiveness between your staff critical?

JJ: It's almost like we can read each other's mind. They all work hand-in-hand, all as one person pretty much. Most of my staff has been with me since day one.

Check back tomorrow as Chef Jerry Jan talks more about the RA Sushi CityCentre location.

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