Favorite Three: Pizza Places

Picking a favorite pizza place is a hot-button topic. Let's see which places showed up on our lists.

John Kiely

1. Dolce Vita Pizzeria & Enoteca 2. Russo's Coal-Fired New York Pizzeria 3. Pizza Hut

John's Take: The worst pizza I've had was in Italy, so authentic isn't always better, but with Marco Wiles it is. Thank you for burning my margherita crust, Russo's; it's a new preference. Yeah, yeah, Pizza Hut Supreme. Childhood pre-sets. The Mario Batali marinara I sampled last week was incredible, but Rao's still reigns with its Chef Boyardee "notes."

Ali (EOW reader)

1. Brooklyn Pizzeria (9467 FM1960) 2. Brother's Pizzeria 3. Romano's Pizza

Ali's Take: I'm a fan of New York-style pizza. It gives my mouth a case of the sads when I taste most pizza that presents itself as NY-style down here. So when I do find those amazing hidden gems, I get all giddy. Brooklyn Pizzeria is by far my favorite. Owned by an Italian family from Brooklyn and all ingredients flown in from the east coast. Authentic NY-style pizza with great sauce, crispy/chewy crust and tons of flavor from a really nice family. Brother's is similar; you get a little attitude with your pizza - but in a good way. Romano's is the best inner-loop - great sauce and great atmosphere.

Kevin Shalin (me)

1. Russo's Coal-Fire New York Pizzeria 2. Barry's Pizza 3. Simone on Sunset

Kevin's Take: Russo's charring of the crust is right up my alley. I won't say this is New York-worthy, but it's as good as we've got in Houston. I may catch some flack for including Barry's, but who cares? I love one of their pizzas with absolutely everything piled on top. Simone's is probably a surprise to many. It's a young wine bar, but try the smoked duck pizza, and see if it doesn't make your list.

The React: No surprise, two votes for Russo's and Dolce Vita show up on the list. Sounds like Pizza Hut is one of John's guilty pleasures. I, myself, overdosed on that crap in college. I survived for weeks on the pan pizza. I must plead ignorance of Ali's selections, but I've heard good things about Romano's.

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