Feel-Good Story of the Week: Local Waiter Receives $5,000 Tip

If you thought the story of a Killen's Steakhouse waiter receiving a nearly $3,000 tip on a $12,000 bill last week was heartwarming, that's nothing compared to what happened this past weekend at D'Amico's Italian Market Café.

Server Greg Rubar has worked at the restaurant's Rice Village location for 16 years. Several weeks ago, Rubar lost his car in the thunderstorms that recently tore through Houston. It was Rubar's only car, and the waiter -- who has a wife and child -- had been borrowing D'Amico's catering van just to make it to and from work, and occasionally even resorting to cabs.

On Saturday evening, two of Rubar's regulars showed up and purchased a very basic meal of soup and wine, racking up a total bill of $26.95. But before they left, the couple handed Rubar $5,000 and told him: "Go buy yourself a car." Rubar reportedly burst into tears at the unexpected display of generosity.

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"The couple, who do not want to be identified, thought anyone who has worked as hard and as proficiently as Rubar has for so long shouldn't be punished for something so out of his control," stated D'Amico's in a press release. "They had gone to the restaurant that night to present him with the money."

Rubar is now looking for a car to purchase with his $5,000 windfall. Meanwhile, EOW would like to remind you, as always, to continue tipping your servers generously.

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