Flying Saucer Cancels Wednesday “Glass Night” to Make Way for “Flight Night”

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium in downtown Houston has decided to discontinue its Wednesday Glass Nights, and some customers are unhappy about that. Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 31, is the final one and it’s called The Great Glass Swap. Collectors are encouraged to bring their unwanted glassware to trade with other customers, and Flying Saucer will be selling off its own giant collection of specialty snifters and stemware for $1 each.

The weekly events featured opportunities for customers to receive or purchase promotional and collectible beer glasses for various brands. The announcement on Facebook that it's being canceled drew customer comments like “No!” and “That stinks.”

However, the news isn’t as bad as it seems for glass collectors — or beer lovers in general.

Manager Joshua Justice says Glass Night is being discontinued simply because demand has waned. He says there are giant shelves full of “a couple of thousand” leftover glasses at the Flying Saucer. “If you’re that attached to it, come in [on Wednesday] and go nuts!”

However, it’s not all glass nights that are going away. The special ones that are still popular will continue.

“The stuff that we do in-house, like 420 day and Texas Independence Day, still sells out instantaneously, but the day-to-day ‘Here’s a logo glass from this brewery you’ve known for ten years,” the demand’s not there. The Sugar Land [location] still sells out in an hour, but downtown is just not what it used to be,” Justice explained. “We’re not fully killing Glass Night. If Dogfish Head comes and says, ‘Hey, we redid the IPA glass and it’s Spiegelau glassware,’ I’m totally picking that up and I’m totally going to sell that, because it’s something that’s cool. The boring, plain old pint glasses is what we’re killing.”

So, there will still be opportunities to get collectible glasses. Best of all, though, is what's replacing Glass Night. Justice says discontinuing that makes way for a new program on Wednesday nights called Flight Night. The company’s Facebook page says, “Think cheese pairings, cocktail pairings, guest speakers and more.”

The first Flight Night is September 7 at 7 p.m. and will feature the Japanese beer Hitachino White paired with Kiuchi no Shizuku, a gin-like spirit that’s also from Japan, as well as Hitachino cocktails
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Phaedra Cook
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