Today's the Day: Girl Scouts Are Standing By to Take Your Cookie Orders

Third-grader Quinn is just one of the many Girl Scouts who'll be starting to take orders today, January 23, 2020.
Third-grader Quinn is just one of the many Girl Scouts who'll be starting to take orders today, January 23, 2020. Photo by Margaret Downing
Been dreaming of Thin Mints for a year? Maybe you're a Caramel Delights kind of guy or gal. Or a shortbread cookie traditionalist. In any case, whether you were a Brownie or Girl Scout in your younger days or you just love the cookies, that time of year is upon us.

Girl Scout Cookie time.

While order taking starts today, you don't have to order ahead. February 1 is the first day to sell cookies and the actual boxes of cookies will be on hand then, whether you have a reservation or not. On February 14, cookie booths will sprout up around town, often in front of grocery stores. February 28 through March 1 is National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend and March 22 is the deadline — the last day for Girl Scout cookies this year.

The girls who participate become mini business executives dealing with money management, people skills and business ethics, among other goals. The money they raise helps fund local programming so you can be sure that the Girls Scouts smiling up at you as you fork over your funds are the ones who'll benefit in their own activities.

A couple special notes. This is the final season for Thanks-A-Lots so if you're a fan, this is last chance time. They're moving out to make way for a new cookie in 2021. And although it's not on the order form, the Girl Scouts  do have a gluten free cookie so go ahead and ask for that off-the-menu item.

Don't despair if you don't know a Girl Scout. To find a Girl Scout cookie booth near you, visit the aptly named Such a practical organization.

And remember: these cookies do just fine in the freezer so don't be afraid to stock up for those lean months ahead. 
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