Health Department Roundup: Greyhound Station-area McDonald's, Tiny Boxwood's and More

The McDonald's (2017 Main) across from the Midtown/downtown Greyhound station is a strange place. You half expect a crazed Dennis Hopper to pop out of the trash can, torso strewn with cameras, saying, "He likes you because you're still alive," talking about the manager on duty. Still, you can feel clean ordering something at that location if you're ever in the area -- the city visited the location this week and found just two violations: hand-drying means not located next to each sink and bathroom not provided with at least one covered waste receptacle. Of course, you could also walk across the street and get a marginally better meal inside the station.

The whole week was pretty slow. One of the worst inspections we saw was Tiny Boxwood's (3614 W. Alabama), which earned seven violations. Issues included raw eggs held at improper temperature; serving line/display case with no protective covering; poorly designed or maintained equipment; potentially hazardous food held at improper temperatures; and food stored too close to the floor. No citation or closure order was issued.

We've got a new wrinkle to add to the City Giving Clean Reports to Montrose Bars story: An inspector visited AvantGarden (411 Westheimer) and didn't turn up any violations. He or she did, however, list the location as The Mausoleum, the bar/venue's former name. This was likely a calculated move on the inspector's part to demonstrate some old-school 77006 cred. The inspector was probably smoking Basic Lights inside and throwing darts at the wall that Rudyard's used to share with that frame shop when you were still riding a Walmart mountain bike around Meyerland, Mr. Jean Shorts.

Speaking of really hip things: Rice students! You can visit Rice Coffeehouse (6100 Main) without worrying about sanitation -- an inspector visited and didn't turn up any violations.

We'll end this week with three mostly positive inspections. First, the original location of Pappa Geno's (1801 Ella) got hit with three violations: no solid/tight-fitting doors on toilet rooms, employee drinking a beverage in a manner that could cause contamination and food employee not wearing an effective hair restraint (corrected on site).

Zelko Bisto (705 E. 11th) earned four violations: dirty non-food-contact surfaces; no test kit to measure the strength of sanitation solution; employees' lockers in unapproved area (truly disgusting); and equipment/glassware/utensils/plates not handled in a way that prevents contamination (corrected on site).

Shade (250 W. 19th) had two of the same violations -- the test-kit one, and the dirty non-food-contact surfaces -- in addition to a violation for "Existing equipment: Is not in good repair/is not capable of being maintained in a sanitary condition/is a food-contact surface that is toxic."

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