Health Dept. Roundup

Health inspectors found some extensive offenders this week, so we'll get right to it.

Little Caesar's (5700 W. Little York) was closed temporarily after a routine inspection August 1. In addition to some paperwork snafus, inspectors found potentially hazardous food not being kept cold or hot enough. Raw food also had been removed from its containers and was being stored in unclean or uncovered bins. The eatery made no attempt to keep out roaches, flies and rodents, and, in a confusing new citation, inspectors found a food employee with "a partial or complete absence of scalp hair" not wearing a hair restraint, among other violations.

Following a complaint, inspectors visited Tortilleria La Salmantina (1333 N. Gessner) August 2 and found equipment not clean to sight and touch and some foods not safe for human consumption (i.e. spoiled or contaminated). The same equipment was being used to process raw animal foods and other ingredients, and some equipment was not designed, constructed or repaired with safe materials, to name a few of the citations.

A July 30 inspection at B.U.S. Sports Grill & Bar (1800 Texas) found equipment troubles. Some bits were not designed, constructed or repaired with safe materials, and others were stored in unsanitary conditions. Other pieces of machinery were not cleaned often enough to keep them free of dirt and debris, and some food was not protected from various types of contamination, among other violations.

Sinh Sinh China Fast Food (9788 Bellaire), in a July 30 change-of-ownership inspection, was slapped for not closing doors (or holes in walls) to keep out insects, and for not trying to trying to limit rodents, roaches and other pests. The eatery also did not outfit its restrooms properly, had no proper filter on its ventilation hood and had hired some schmuck who was "not maintaining a high degree of personal cleanliness," among other citations.

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