Health Department Roundup

Health Dept. Roundup: 77056-77063

We're forging ahead here on Health Department Roundup, trekking through the city's zip codes one by one. If you live, work or, more importantly, eat in 77056-77063 (mainly an area just west of the Loop and a few pockets near Aldine, the Johnson Space Center and Hobby Airport), this is your heads-up.

In a routine inspection last week, Argentina Café (3055 Sage Road, in 77056) was cited for several cleaning failures: first, for not using a sponge on cleaned, sanitized or in-use food contact surfaces; second, for not immersing food-contact surfaces of equipment or utensils in a strong enough chlorine solution long enough to sanitize them; and third, for not rinsing and sanitizing the moist cloths it used for food spills or on equipment between wipes. The eatery also was slapped for using equipment and utensils not made of safe (corrosion-resistant, nonabsorbent, easily cleanable or durable) materials, and for storing food within six inches of the floor.

A complaint led to an inspection at New Yang Chinese Restaurant (9275 Richmond in 77063) last Friday. There, the inspector found the plumbing was not sized, installed or maintained properly and that containers of food were stored within six inches of the ground. Also, equipment and utensils were found not to be made of safe (corrosion-resistant, nonabsorbent, easily cleanable or durable) materials. Here again, the moist cloths used for food spills and equipment were not cleaned or rinsed in sanitizing solution between uses. We can only imagine how many violations Old Yang must have racked up if this is the new facility. Har, har.

We just mentioned a Jack in the Box last week, so we won't rip the one at 8111 Airport Blvd. (in 77061) this time, but we have to mention our favorite violation whenever we stumble across it. Code 20-21.8(f) slaps restaurants for their employees not wearing effective clothing to cover their body hair while handling food or utensils. That one never fails to make us picture a yeti in the kitchen washing dishes or arranging salads on plates.

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