Help Calliope's Po-Boy Choose Its New Name

"What's in a name?" asked owner Lisa Carnley on the Facebook page for her restaurant that was -- until two months ago -- known as Calliope's Po-Boy.

After a slight bit of legal drama with the new Calliope's Po-Boy on West Bellfort, Carnley decided to let that shop keep the name and in September announced that she'd be asking her customers to help rename the po-boy joint on Jefferson.

"Instead of coming up with a name myself -- because it was so tough last time -- I wanted to let Houston decide on the name of the business," Carnley told us back in September.

Today, the names suggested by Carnley's customers have been announced -- and now it's up to you to choose which one will stick.

There were more than a dozen suggestions that Carnley liked enough to include in the final cut list, but here were a few of our favorites:

Peauxboys Hou Dat Poboys Bayou City Poboys LC's Poboys Nola on the Bayou

You have until December 3 -- this coming Monday -- to let Carnley know your pick for her po-boy shop. She's accepting votes on her Facebook page, via Twitter and e-mail: poboyshop at gmail dot com.

The new name will be revealed on December 12 at a party that will pack the joint (so RSVP now), in typical Calliope's fashion. But regardless of the name that's chosen, Carnley knows that it's the food that will keep people coming back to Peauxboys, LC's Poboys or whatever the place will soon be called.

"Two months ago my name was so important, I pulled the signs, called it 'Poboys' and many people didn't even know what the name was and still came," she says. "It was a 'no name' po-boy shop. And every day it stayed full."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.