Hot Plate

Key (lime) information: If you're still looking for a blockbuster finale after reveling in the butter-slathered filet mignon, cheese-enthralled au gratin potatoes and heady berry-blooming Cabernet at Pappas Brothers Steakhouse [5839 Westheimer,(713)780-7352], think tropical. Pucker up for the palatial key lime pie ($6.95), a larger-than-life creation encircled with fresh raspberry puree and ruby-red berries, and expertly garnished with whipped cream, fragrant mint leaves and lime slivers. This just-tart-enough palate cleanser is anchored by a sturdy, pistachio-flecked graham cracker crust that's good enough to stand alone. Now, don't go thinking you can procure this pie at just any old Pappas outfit — it's a signature housemade dessert available only at the Steakhouse. Cool, creamy and downright dreamy, it's the ideal summer sweet to make any lime-lover swoon.
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Robin Barr Sussman