Houston's Elusive Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Update: Croissant Brioche French Bakery

Continuing on my hunt for Houston's perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie, I followed up on reader Meghan's suggestion to check out Croissant Brioche. (I know, I know. I still have to try Tiny Boxwood's. But they're closed Mondays.)

Despite my infatuation with baked goods, I had never been to Croissant Brioche French Bakery, mostly because the scant and pricy parking in Rice Village tends to make me experience violent rage.

Miraculously, however, I managed to find a free space within a mile of the bakery and was able to pick up two chocolate chip cookies ($1.25 each). Since I tried Brown Bag Deli's cookies late in the day, I figured Croissant Brioche should receive the same treatment, so I waited until after 4 p.m. in the hopes that the cookies would not have the advantage of coming straight out of the oven.

The cookies were displayed in a plastic container right by the register. Their greasy pallor immediately suggested to me they would be softer and moister than those at Brown Bag. One bite confirmed my hunch: these chocolate chip cookies were in another league in terms of chewiness. So supple that they nearly fell apart as I was scarfing them down, the cookies were loaded with fresh chips and possessed a vague but interesting almond-citrus aftertaste.

I still give these only an eight on my ten-point scale. The shiny exterior suggested a stronger butter flavor than was actually present, and while I appreciated the high degree of chewiness, the cookie's flimsiness didn't allow for graceful consumption.

Back on the prowl. Stay tuned.

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Joanna O'Leary