Pot Luck

How Do Get Your Tortillas Fluffy?

The recipe I gave for flour tortillas in The Tex-Mex Cookbook called for flour, lard, water and salt. I think this is pretty much the standard Houston flour tortilla recipe. The tortillas come out pretty good. But they aren't like the fluffy tortillas they eat in San Antonio.

After eating the San Antonio-style tortillas at Chaco's Tacos, I deduced that the recipe had a little baking soda in it. In an effort to figure out how to make San Antonio-style flour tortillas, I bought a bag of White Wings flour tortilla mix at the store. And I noticed the mix already had bicarbonate of soda and oil in it.

I followed the directions on the bag. And I was all ready to eat some fluffy flour tortillas. But unfortunately my tortillas were stiff as a board. After an hour, they tasted like crackers. I tried cooking them less, but then they tasted raw.

Anybody care to share the secret of fluffy flour tortillas?

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Robb Walsh
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