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How To: Make Bite-size "Butterfingers" At Home

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That one in the middle just looks like it's stuck to your computer screen, doesn't it? Don't you just want to...grab it? Making these mini Butterfingers is so easy it's dumb. I'm a sucker for those "crispety, crunchety" bite-size morsels of awesome. I'm always raiding the office candy jar and hoarding them in my desk...a behavior probably acquired from my mother, who used to stash Whoppers in her sock drawer, thinking that would keep us kids away. Kid-me could sniff out a Whopper like adult-me can sniff out Jameson. Our Xerox guy has definitely been churching up his coffee.

A friend made these a few weeks ago and after having three six, I asked her how the hell she did it. "Guess," she said. It's rude to talk with your mouth full, so I just made angry, whining sounds and she gave it up. "It's Cheez-Itzs, dude." The eff? "Cheez-Its and peanut butter." Damn genius.

If you, too, would like to amaze and impress your friends with your delicious, yet effortless treats...

You need: - 1 box of Cheez-Its (not Cheese Nips! This is key!) - 1 small jar of smooth peanut butter - Baker's dipping chocolate

Directions: - Spread peanut butter onto a Cheez-It and top with another Cheez-It to make a little sandwich. - Follow the directions on the chocolate and dip each little cracker-sandwich, covering completely. - Place on wax paper to cool and store in fridge until you're ready to serve (and blow some minds...)

Optional: You can decorate the top of each mini Butterfinger with crushed Cheez-It, or holiday-appropriate sprinkles.

There's another approach that I haven't tried, probably because it takes a smidge more effort, but is a great way to get rid of some of that leftover candy corn from Halloween.

You need: -1 pound of candy corn - 16 ounces smooth peanut butter - 2-3 cups of milk or dark chocolate for melting

Directions: - Line an 8x8 or 9x9 inch pan with wax paper. - Melt the candy corn in the microwave in a medium bowl, stirring every 30 seconds, until smooth. - Stir in the peanut butter until equally distributed and smooth. - Pour into prepared pan and smooth. - Place in the freezer for 10-20 minutes until firm. - Line a large baking sheet with wax paper. Take the bars out of the pan and cut into mini Butterfinger size bars. - Melt the chocolate in a clean medium bowl in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until smooth. - Using a fork dip each Butterfinger into the chocolate, turning to cover completely. - Place on wax paper lined baking sheet. - Continue with Butterfingers until all are dipped. (If at any point your chocolate becomes too hard to dip, simply return to the microwave and heat for another 10-15 seconds and stir. - When all bars have been dipped, place them in the freezer for an additional 5-10 minutes.

This recipe may have a few extra steps, but you can choose what size you want your candy to be, as opposed to just Cheez-It size.

These homemade Butterfingers really are perfect for the holidays. Stick handfuls in decorative treat bags and pass out to co-workers so they think you're a good person!

Would you give either of these recipes a shot? Let us know in the comments section.

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