I Made a Ramen Burger...Sort Of

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past few weeks, you've no doubt heard about the famous Ramen Burger -- a burger slapped between two pan-fried ramen "buns" invented by Keizo Shimamoto and sold at the Smorgasburg food market in Brooklyn. It's a bit of a phenomenon.

It's been written about everywhere from the Huffington Post to the International Business Times. It's been on Good Morning America. Its fame is being compared to that of the cronut.

And yet, we haven't seen a ramen burger pop up anywhere in Houston. It's been around since August 3, so it seems like about time someone got on it!

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A few nights ago, after watching too many consecutive episodes of Law & Order and feeling really sad about the world, I decided that someone would be me. I would bring joy back into my life by making a ramen burger.

Here's how it went.

Ramen burgers aren't particularly difficult to make, in theory. If you can make a burger and fry an egg, you can make a ramen burger. I went to the grocery store and bought two packages of instant ramen and a box of frozen veggie burgers (I was in the mood for some fake meat, OK?) and set to work.

Step 1. Boil the ramen until it's soft but not mushy. Strain it.

Step 2. Beat an egg and mix the ramen noodles with it.

Step 3. Wrap the ramen/egg mixture in plastic wrap and pack it into something vaguely bun-shaped. I used empty hummus containers. Refrigerate until set, about 10 minutes.

Step 4. Make your burger. In my case, this involved microwaving for one minute.

Step 5. Heat about two tablespoons of olive oil in a pan. Fry up the ramen patties as you would an egg. Once they get browned and crispy on one side, flip 'em!

Step 6. Assemble your burger. I used what I had sitting around in the fridge, which happened to be kale and tomatoes. I highly recommend putting some sort of sauce on the burger, but I didn't have any. My fridge pretty much has just fruit, vegetables and yogurt, but I know you can do better.

Step 7. EAT.

But be careful, it gets messy.

Things I would do differently next time:

  • Use two eggs to hold the noodles together. One egg wasn't quite enough.
  • Try fresh ramen instead of instant.
  • Actually make a beef burger.
  • Invest in pickles, onions, sriracha and something green that's not kale.
  • Cook the ramen patties longer.

My attempt at ramen burger making was a bit of a learning experience, but I get why people are so crazy for them. That fried egg and ramen mixture is actually pretty yummy.

OK, your turn. Show me what you got, Houston!

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