Luling Bar-B-Q and Bar Opens in Midtown

Tom Craig, who's used to run his dad's place, Luling City Market, has opened his own barbecue place, Luling Bar-B-Q and Bar (138 West Gray).

"Over here, we're going to be doing the same thing," he says, "only catering more to the younger, Midtown crowd." The place used to be called Brisket Bar-B-Q. "We took over a historic barbecue place that dates back to the '30s, I think. It was originally Matt Garner's place, so we inherited a pit with a lot of history."

Craig intends to use Post oak wood for his pit, just like at Luling City Market; he also plans on offering the same homemade sausage that made the Luling City Market famous. "We're going to be open late, and we have a great bar upstairs with a terrific view of the Houston skyline. But we'll also be serving salads and burgers.One very important thing is that we actually have parking, and a lot of it. That's real important in Midtown." -- Paul Galvani

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