Mint Julep

When I walk into the Kentucky Club (2707 Fountain View, 832-252-7267), it seems the entire bar is illuminated by the 20 TV screens on the walls. There's a blond sitting at the bar flipping channels. I ask her if she can make a mint julep. She stares at the ceiling, as if maybe the recipe's written there, but after a moment, she says, "Yeah, I think so." I see her grab a bottle of peppermint schnapps and show it to another bartender, as if asking a question. I wonder if she knows what the hell she's doing"She brings the drink to our oversize booth and sets it down. I sip my minty beverage, which is actually pretty satisfying. Before I can order another round, the blond-haired vision of booziness, the drink-maker herself, ends her shift and comes over to our table with a couple of mint juleps, one for me and one for herself. Cheers!

1/2 ounce DeKuyper peppermint schnapps
6 ounces Jim Beam bourbon

Sugar the rim of a tall glass filled with ice. Pour the bourbon over the ice and stir in the schnapps, careful not to disturb the sugar. If you decide to use fresh mint, you're just showing off for your friends.

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Jason Kerr