Mockingbird Bistro

When you order the char-grilled Amer­ican Kobe beef burger ($28) at Mockingbird Bistro (1985 Welch, 713-533-0200), get it with a slice of seared foie gras. It's an amazing textural and taste experience, combining the bold flavor of the foie gras with the delicate flavor of the Kobe beef. Even without the foie gras, though, it's an unbelievably juicy burger, both sweet and tangy at the same time. It's served on a flavorful onion roll with a wooden pick — complete with a cherry tomato, an Italian cherry pepper and an olive — holding it together. Of the three cheeses offered — cheddar, Gruyère and bleu — we recommend the Gruyère, because it adds the least amount of flavor, letting the beef speak for itself. Accoutrements of cornichons (mini gherkins), watercress and marinated red onions are served on the side, along with thin french fries in a paper cone with an incredible aioli (garlic mayo) for dipping.
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Paul Galvani