Odd Pair: Candoni Prosecco Brut and a Scrambled Egg Sandwich

Odd Pair: Candoni Prosecco Brut and a Scrambled Egg Sandwich

Time, like money, does not grow on trees, which is why an egg sandwich for dinner is totally acceptable some days. When you pop open a bottle of Costco-bought Prosecco to accompany it, well, it's still an egg sandwich for dinner, but it feels a little fancier.

I was hoping to bring a scrambled egg sandwich with a schmear of mustard/mayonnaise/Sriracha to that "next level," if there was such a thing, and it seemed that something with bubbles would get the job done. I'd heard that pairing a sparkling wine with anything was a winning combo. Alas, wishful thinking. It did nothing for the sandwich, or me (except give me a nice little headache in the morning).

While the effervescence and the brut part of the Prosecco cut through the richness of the soft, unctuous eggs and the heavy mayo mixture, the rest of the pairing sucked like a tick on a fat dog's back. After taking a bite of the sandwich, the Prosecco only tasted like alcoholic bubbles, with little to no nuances detectable. I was the same with the sandwich -- I could only taste the mayo/mustard concoction and the wheat bread, no eggs. What's up with that? I can only theorize that the special sauce on the egg sandwich was a little too overpowering to accompany the wine, and that what they say about pairing just about anything with sparkling wine is an easy out.

Okay, I completely made up "bubbles go with everything." And now I know it doesn't stand true in the face of a midweek, quick and dirty egg sandwich dinner.

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