Off the Wall: Mardi Gras Grill's Crab Fingers Come Up Short

Last week, my Top 5 Appetizers caused most people to bang their heads against the wall. Many of you echoed the sentiments of Tylerrhes: "Olive Garden? You just lost all credibility." But one lone ranger fought through the madness and actually spouted off five appetizer suggestions. I listened to KipsBigBoy and headed over to Mardi Gras Grill for some marinated crab fingers.

I'm not usually long-winded, so I won't mince words here either. These marinated crab fingers were terrible -- small, few in number, tasteless, and swamped by vegetables. And what were they marinated in, air? I was baffled by the size. Hell, I know they're not supposed to be huge, but most were severely lacking in the meat department.

The grilled vegetables were adequate, but I didn't order this appetizer for the grilled veggies. I wanted sweet, succulent crab fingers, and what I got for $12.99 was just not it. Also, what are grilled olives doing with bell peppers and onions? Is that a Louisiana Mardi Gras thing? I really have no idea.

The Mardi Gras Grill had a cool atmosphere and attentive workers, but don't count on seeing me scarf down their crab fingers anytime soon.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.