Pico's Bakery: Sand Crabs?

The cinnamon-covered pastries at Pico's Bakery were called congrejos, which is Spanish for crabs. They did look like crusteceans with their claws aimed forward. They were so darn cute I bought one and took a big bite hoping for the best. It must have been a sand crab because it tasted like a big bite of the beach. It was just as dry as every other Mexican pastry I have ever eaten. Luckily, Pico's Bakery keeps a couple of pots of Katz's coffee brewed at all times. So I got a cup of coffee and choked the sandy crab down.

I started theorizing that maybe all Mexican pastries are dry in order to get you to buy more drinks--just like the free peanuts at the bar. But the girl behind the counter ruined my theory by recommending an excellent camote (sweet potato) empanada which wasn't dry at all. Pico's also sells breakfast tacos and tortas. Oddly the bakery doesn't bake telera bread, the typical torta roll. Instead, the tortas come on fresh bolillos. Sandwiches start at $5.50, which is about normal, but Pico's charges extra for avocado and refried beans, which is lame.

Pico's Bakery is a charming little breakfast joint with good coffee. But as a torta joint it's outclassed by any taco truck in town. And as a bakery, it just doesn't hold a candle to El Bolillo. And by the way, if you are looking for moist Mexican pastries, try the "Baby Jelly Rolls" with caramel and nuts at El Bolillo.

Maybe the competition will encourage El Bolillo to upgrade the cheap coffee.

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