So Delicious, a Caveman Could Eat It: 10 Paleo-Friendly Restaurant Menus in Houston

It's reader request time around here, and this week's reader request was for a list of paleo-friendly restaurants around Houston. (See, you do love our lists. Yes you do.)

Although I don't adhere to the paleo diet, many of my good friends do. Here's an explanation of the nutritional regimen in a nutshell, for the uninitiated: The paleo (short for "paleolithic") diet encourages the consumption of foods which advocates claim were abundant in the diets of paleolithic-era peoples. Fish, seafood, grass-fed meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms (and other fungi), roots, seeds and nuts are all fair game. It discourages consumption of foods that cavemen wouldn't have had access to: gluten of any kind, grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, processed oils and basically any and all processed foods.

To go into all the pros and cons of eating a paleo diet would take all day. Suffice it to say the diet has its proponents and its detractors. Neither I nor Eating...Our Words are advocating any kind of diet except the kind of diet where you're doing the healthiest things you can for your body. If paleo is that diet for you, here's a list of places that make it easy to stick to your clubs. (Cavemen didn't have guns.)

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Katharine Shilcutt