Takeout Reviews: Common Bond’s Box Lunch FTW

You can get this charcuterie baguette with a side salad and colossal chocolate chip cookie for $10 at Common Bond.EXPAND
You can get this charcuterie baguette with a side salad and colossal chocolate chip cookie for $10 at Common Bond.
Photo by Brooke Viggiano
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As this crisis continues, we continue to support our local restaurant industry in anyway we can, including by ordering takeout.

I always work from home, but my husband does not. While I’m usually cool with a fried egg, toast and avocado for lunch and he's used to taking some mix of sandwich, salad or leftovers to the office, things have been feeling a little too Groundhog Day around here lately. So last Wednesday, we switched things up and made a Hump Day power move: we ordered Common Bond takeout for lunch.

The process was super easy. Order online, choose your pickup time (at least 30 minutes out) and head on over to pick it up. Once there, park in one of the reserved curbside pickup spots, call the phone number listed on the sign posted on the door, and a masked and gloved team member will bring your order straight to the car.

I have a bit of an obsession with Common Bond’s ham and cheese baguette. Fat jambon de Paris (French ham). Nutty comté cheese. A zippy, creamy Dijon butter. Combined it's the perfect trio for the bakery’s flawlessly crusty baguette. The quintessential French sandwich comes by the whole ($10) or by the half as part of its Box Lunch deal ($9), packed with your choice of sea salt chips, mixed greens or fruit salad, AND a chocolate chip cookie.

Stressed? This chocolate chip cookie can help.EXPAND
Stressed? This chocolate chip cookie can help.
Photo by Brooke Viggiano

I chose the box lunch, because another obsession of mine is the bakery’s ethereal chocolate chip cookie, a sweet symphony of Valrhona chocolate chunks and thick, pillowy cookie dough.

I picked out my husband’s sandwich, too (he was on a call and he rightfully trusts me). The charcuterie baguette ($12, $10 for the box lunch) features the same crusty baguette, this time with prosciutto, cotto salami, pepperoni, baby arugula, red onions, cornichons and a healthy schmear of garlic peppadew cream cheese. Though we each chose salads as box lunch our sides, looks like the team threw in a bag of chips to each box, too.

Another Hump Day power move? The whole fresh baguette ($3) I tacked onto the order to make sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.

You can make your own power moves by ordering from the Montrose, Heights or Medical Center location; and pretty soon, the bistro and bakery will introduce its “Common Bond On The Go” concept, which is taking over the former Sam’s Fried Chicken & Donuts space at 601 Heights and featuring both express drive through service and “grab ‘n go” offerings. The new concept has a tentative opening date of Monday May 18, 2020.

Common Bond
Montrose, 1706 Westheimer, 713-529-3535
Heights, 449 West 19th, 713-357-9397
Med Center, 2278 West Holcombe, 346-327-8393

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