Pot Luck

The Chicken or the Egg?

Wabash Feed Store (5701 Washington Avenue) is a trip to the country in the middle of the city.

There are fresh free-range eggs for three dollars a dozen behind the front counter. Of course, if you want really fresh eggs, the store also sells chickens. Hens start at $12, roosters are $13, but there are also baby chicks if you want to raise them yourself. There's also an excellent selection of hen scratch and other chicken-raising supplies. This sounds like a really fun project. And think of all the money you could make selling eggs to your neighbors!


According to this handy chart, the City of Houston allows residents to keep up to 30 chickens in the city limits, provided the birds are at least 100 feet from neighboring structures. That's more liberal than Little Rock, where only four chickens are allowed. Chicago allows unlimited chickens as long as they are for eggs and you don't do any slaughtering. New Yorkers are required to get a chicken permit before raising chickens. Figures. I wonder how much you have to bribe the NYC chicken inspector.

If you raise chickens in the city, please send us some photos.

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