The Five Worst Spring Break Alcohols

Spring Break is a time for roaming the beach looking for good, clean, wholesome fun killer parties and new friends. Here are the top 5 drinks to stay away from so you can keep enjoying your break, and not the bathroom floor of your hotel. We've made the mistakes so you don't have to.

5. Cheap wine

Once upon a time, we were really fond of the blue bottle Schmitt Sohne Riesling (a whole night's party in a bottle!). That is, until we got our first hangover.

4. Malt liquor

Schlitz, Mickey's, Colt 45, OE, we are looking at you. You can carry your drinks for the night in one hand (or two), but you will pay for it. Not to mention, high water content brings all sorts of inopportune pee breaks while roaming the beach.

3. Arbor Mist/Boone's Farm

We aren't so high and mighty to have never tasted Boone's Farm. The stuff tastes weirdly good (like Kool-Aid) but gives a nasty headache the next day from all the sugar once you get into bottle two.

2. MD 20-20

After a pretty awesome party, a lone bottle of this got left at our apartment. It sat in our fridge for six months before someone at another party got desperate enough to drink it. Sugary-sweet yick. Easy going down, but everyone remembers the hangover from MD 20-20.

1. Everclear/Diesel

Please no. Keep this away from us. This is quite possibly one the worst drinks ever. Fuzzy remnants of jungle juice nights will hopefully soon be forgotten.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.