Meletti Cioccolato is good to have on your bar during the holidays. (Yes that leaf is fake.)
Meletti Cioccolato is good to have on your bar during the holidays. (Yes that leaf is fake.)
Photo by Kate McLean

Tales From The Top Shelf: Meletti Cioccolato

Winks work, but perhaps the best way to get someone to smile is with chocolate. Pulled over and about to get a ticket? Chocolate. Lost your credit card, ID, and are at the DMV to take a new picture on your Wednesday lunch break? Chocolate. Can’t get out of bed because why would you? Chocolate. We all have our favorite percentages—and what’s especially fun is when chocolate enters the world of spirits.

Meletti Cioccolato is the best brand for chocolate liqueur. Godiva, I’m so sorry—it’s good you did what you did on that horse though. Meletti has been crafting quality liqueurs since 1870, and it doesn’t get much better than their Cioccolato. They use Dutch cocoa that is blended so artfully it will satisfy us 85 percent-ers as well as us milk chocolate-ers. Straight sippin’ after dinner, or in a chocolate martini, or gently warmed, if you’re looking for the most authentic chocolate liqueur on the market, I’m happy to point you toward the Italians.

If you think of your bar as a bag of tricks, Cioccolato is a great one to pull out after dinner. Especially if guests have already turned down other digestifs like Amaros or Lemoncello. It’s important to swirl the bottle well before pouring, because the natural ingredients will settle on the bottom. I.e. they aren’t using stabilizers like xanthan gum to hold it all together. Yes, shake the bottle and raise those spirits up!

Meletti Cioccolato can be found at Tony K's Home of Fine Spirits, 2720 Bissonnet, for $24. 

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