This Week in Food Blogs: It's Always Better With a Fried Egg

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Zagat Houston: Marcy de Luna of Zagat Houston has the scoop on four new restaurants serving stellar brunches. You can't miss the Quinoa Johnny Cakes with blueberries, maple syrup and Greek yogurt at True Food Kitchen in the Galleria area. Order the Cereal Crunch French Toast at Tout Suite -- it's a twist on the classic breakfast dish where the bread is coated in "childhood favorite cereal." Try the traditional migas at Moderno Tacos + Tex Mex and savor in the smoked salmon with poached eggs at The Honeymoon.

Gastronaut: After receiving a suggestion to try the BLT topped with a fried egg at Blacksmith, Gastronaut contributor Russell van Kraayenburg just had to order it. The BLT comes with super thick slices of bacon, zippy green tomatoes and crisp lettuce all stuffed between a seeded bun. But, the real star of the sandwich is the fried egg placed on top; once you slice through it, the yolk runs down the sides, creating a moist and delicious sandwich.

Houston Food Truck Reviews: Main-ly Sandwiches recently launched its food truck and David Sarkozi got a first taste of the half lobster roll this past week. For $10, this classic sandwich comes with large chunks of lobster tossed in a generous amount of mayonnaise stuffed inside a butter-grilled roll. The next time he visits the food truck, he will order the Clam Chowdah.

The Pancake Princess: This week, The Pancake Princess has a recipe for lemony basil almond feta that will spice up your traditional toast or crackers for a snack (it's also great on pizza). She uses leftover vegan almond feta made from almonds, water, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and fine sea salt; the recipe for this takes some time, but you can certainly make a large batch of it to save for recipes like this one. Simply toast fennel seeds, crush with a mortar and pestle, then combine with lemon zest, basil leaves, dried oregano, olive oil, crushed garlic, sea salt and black pepper. Top the leftover almond feta with this marinade; let it rest for about ten minutes and dig in.

Hank On Food: When Hank started his food blog, he intended for it to be focused on burgers. He has written about a multitude of burgers in Houston,but he recently realized he had never written about the burgers at Bubba's Texas Burger Shack. One of his all-time favorites is the Buffalo Burger complete with cheese, grilled onions, bacon, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayonnaise, but now his favorite is the Vegas Burger. This monster features Jack cheese, bacon, BJ's Habanero sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickle, avocado and a fried egg stacked on your choice of a buffalo or beef patty.

Patty and David Said...: Patty and David had a late lunch this past week at Coppa Osteria as a means to avoid the crowds. They began their meal with an Arnold Palmer and anchovies soaked in a lemon sauce, then moved on to the dish they came for, pasta, specifically the rigatoni with prosciutto and Parmesan cream sauce.

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