This Week In Food Blogs: Parcel Pies and Zoos Without Tigers

Weapons Grade: Whether or not this story of a zoo with no tigers is a metaphor for sommelier Justin Vann's work at Oxheart is beside the point; zoos do need to have fewer tigers, and we need to learn to appreciate the zoos that showcase something other than tigers. Don't know what I'm talking about? Read Vann's latest post and then tell me it didn't break your heart just a little bit.

Urban Swank: I've been intrigued by White Oak Kitchen + Drinks for a while now, but haven't had a chance to check it out. Luckily, the Urban Swank girls dropped by the chic Galleria food court alternative recently and have a debriefing on the good and bad aspects of the new restaurant.

Confessions of a Gluttinous Chinaman: Old favorite The Brisket House cropped up on CoaGC this week, where our Chinaman found that "the brisket and spicy sausage were both VERY good." His only complaint? The Brisket House was out of its equally good chicken that day.

Houston Burgers: Now that the Petrol Station's kitchen is back in working order and turning out Rancor burgers once again, Darrell hits up the Garden Oaks pub to see if the burgers are still as good as they once were. Consensus? "It's a delectable burger and writing this up has me thinking about how I want another one right now."

Commercial Free Cocktail: Although you often seen cocktails in chilled or nearly frozen glasses, bartender (and blogger) Alex Gregg asks how often that's actually necessary. "Do you enjoy and appreciate all of the ingredients listed," he writes, "or would you rather their flavors be hidden and disguised by their temperature?"

My Own Little Dust Pile: Finally, Melissa leaves us with a terrific idea for any leftover fruit you may have that doesn't require a pie pan you may not have: a simple to construct, foldover parcel pie.

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Katharine Shilcutt