We Got a Taste of Snap Kitchen's New Meat-Lovin' Menu

Snap Kitchen, the quick-stop, healthy-meal restaurant, asked us if it could bring us some brisket — and so of course, we said yes.

The restaurant just revised its nutritional menu, featuring six new items: slow-roasted brisket tacos, brisket hash, Thai coconut curry beef, Turkey picadillo stuffed peppers, shakshuka, and beef sweet potato scramble. Many of the meals are gluten-free, dairy-free and fair game for those on paleo diets. The point, Snap Kitchen reps said in a press release, was to create healthy meat recipes that wouldn't give you the "meat sweats" — which they described as heavy perspiration following "overindulgence" in heavy meats.

The brisket hash they delivered to us was surprisingly light and was mixed with sweet potatoes, red onions, peppers and red cabbage — a mildly spicy combination thanks to a hint of jalapeño. The hash is topped with a barbecue sauce made with honey and caramelized onions.

Check out the rest of the menu for yourself on Snap Kitchen's website or head to one of its six locations within the 610 loop, which you can find online.

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