Win-Win With Catering from Ohba Sushi

"Oops" is not what you say upon discovering you've scheduled an international trip over Valentine's Day, leaving your significant other alone with only two cats for romantic entertainment. Most of the words that come out of your mouth involve four letters and therefore are not fit to print. Even worse, however, is what you imagine your partner will say when he finds out you're skipping town on V-day.

Something bold, and knowing my husband, involving food and drink had to be done. Eating out on the days leading up until Valentine's Day can be tedious, so I decided to plan an intimate dinner in the comfort of our home. Not takeout, though (that's for regular lazy weekend nights), but rather catering from Ohba Sushi.

Ohba Sushi scored points early by agreeing to put together a miniaturized version of their standard sushi platters (unsurprisingly, most of the parties they cater consist of more than two people) and doing so on fairly short notice (48 hours).

They earned additional accolades by customizing a diverse platter of rolls, sashimi, and nigiri to suit our protein preferences. And although our order did not meet the minimum dollar amount for delivery, kindly employee Chris offered to meet up in a location convenient to my house en route to another event.

What sealed the deal, of course, was the sushi itself. No, not the fancy-schmancy stuff of Uchi and Kata Robata (their sophisticated dishes probably won't travel well, anyway), just a diverse selection of extremely fresh rolls. Standards such as the California, spicy tuna, and shrimp tempura were dense with large, flavorful pieces of fish and vegetables, while an Americanized favorite, the Spider Roll, was rich thanks to a generous swizzle of spicy mayonnaise.

And though Chris cautioned that the chef probably wouldn't have an eel prepared in time for our order, a few pieces of unagi nevertheless found their way onto the platter.

There's little doubt, I'll call upon Ohba Sushi for catering services again at some point, and next time, I'll use them to provide food for more than just a make-up-for-missing-Valentine's-Day tête-à-tête. Some of their more whimsical rolls we didn't try the first time around, such as the Oprah Roll (seared beef, jalapeno, cilantro, lettuce and asparagus wrapped in soy paper served with creamy jalapeno sauce) and the Swamp Thing (soft shell crab, avocado, cilantro and asparagus topped with seaweed salad, sriracha and eel sauce) demand a large group tasting.

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Joanna O'Leary