Wine of the Week: Coppola Sofia Blanc de Blancs

What does Francis Ford Coppola do well other than direct movies? You guessed it, you little oenophile/movie geek, you. Yes, Coppola makes some damn delicious wines in addition to creating some of the most iconic American movies ever to grace the silver screen. This canned concoction, however, was not his finest.

While the Blanc de Blancs, sweetly named after Coppola's director daughter, Sofia, is probably pretty decent out of a bottle, the can literally ruins the essence of this sparkling wine. While you occasionally catch a note of melon here or a tropical flutter there, the overwhelming experience is the pent up carbonation. Without pouring this into a glass to offer up a few of the zealous bubbles to the wind, they end up in the middle of your throat, like a hot coke straight from the can.

The small, convenient (and well-designed) can is perfect for sneaking into movies, baseball games and other venues, but the slightly floral wine inside is begging for more open spaces, to spread its wings and take flight. At $13.99 for four small cans of the stuff, it should be a more exciting and tasty experience instead of a burp-fest. So, to recap: Sparkling wines in cans are great in theory, but not so much in execution. We'll stick to the startling "pop" of a cork flying out of a regular, old-fashioned bottle.

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