Wine Time

Wine of the Week: Voga Italia Pinot Grigio

In a move that could easily be filed under the "d-bag" category, popped collar and all, we broke down and bought this wine simply because of the sleek packaging. If you don't believe us, just head on over to the website. Once the techno music boots up and you see the anorexic fashion model on the homepage, you'll realize the extent of our Washington Avenue street cred.

All packaging aside, the wine is actually quite tasty.

If you can get past the pretension of the bottle and the fact that it's marketed on looks and not necessarily taste, you'll have a sleek vessel of light white wine to enjoy for the evening, or the day.

Perfect for a summer lunch, the wine is light enough to delicately pair with a salad, a cold deli sandwich or cold seafood. The acid is balanced nicely, not overpowering the palate but pricking the tongue with a nice tease of tart up front. With floral notes as well as hints of pear and green apple, it finishes with the slightest trace of caramel (yeah, weird huh?). Be warned, however, that any dish with even an inkling of powerful flavors will turn the wine into listless dishwater, which isn't necessarily a bad characteristic, as Pinot Grigios are usually not meant for center stage.

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Amber Ambrose