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Woodwind Lakes Edition

Woodwind Lakes Edition

Online readers respond to “Odd Man Out,” by Todd Spivak, April 12.

Old news: I am a member of this community and feel that you have made the good people of this neighborhood look bad and the bad people of this neighborhood look like environmental saints. There are people in this neighborhood that have caused and instigated more confrontations, and you glorify them. This matter was in the news a year ago. I feel that there are better stories than this to write. You should do more research about the personalities involved before writing this and maybe not listen to someone who has an agenda. Thank you.

Comment by
Michael Sorrentino
April 16, 2007

Say it to my face: How dare you call me a “bad” person, Mr. Sorrentino. I think I did a good deed by helping people become informed and aware of their surroundings. I came from a good Italian-American family and was born and raised in downtown Houston. I have worked myself through college and graduate school. I have been a substitute teacher, college professor, process server, private investigator and single mother. It is not in my blood to lie or deceive. If you want to call me a bad person, why don't you leave Paul alone and say it to my face? Better yet, why don't you make me an offer on my house so we “bad people” can hurry up and be on our merry little way? It probably won't change much — you will still be living on contamination. I don't take kindly to being bullied, threatened, harassed or intimidated into submission. Have a nice and healthy life, sir.

Comment by Miklyn Provenzano
April 17, 2007

Foolish: What's astounding to me is that anyone would WANT to live there now. How foolish they seem to be to risk the health of their families by staying. Sure, it's a good location. So were the Navajo hogans in the desert that were built on and near uranium mines. Tragically, all the poor folks who stayed are mostly dead and dying now, and their children's children all have birth defects. But don't let anyone mess with those property values...

Comment by Jay R
April 17, 2007

Stupid-ass people: Absolutely incredible that A HOUSE would make you trade your children and your health. Regardless of what the man stirred up, there are FACTS and pictures that show that this neighborhood is not safe. LET ME BE A PART OF THE LEGAL ACTION, because I will most definitely not let ANYONE off the hook. A bunch of stupid-ass people who paid a fuck-load of money for nothing — wait until you get your health-care bills.

Comment by Angie
April 17, 2007

Paging Erin Brockovich: How dare you, Mr. Sorrentino! Sounds to me like you are somehow mixed up in this whole mess. Maybe you work for Chevron, Amerada Hess or the homebuilder! You know, you really have big balls coming down on the property owners in this subdivision. Or maybe you would secretly like to kill all the members of your family. How insensitive. You are a piece of work, mister! Don't you have anything better to do? Or do you like going around bullying people? The facts are the facts here. There is more than enough evidence to prove that these people are living in a very toxic neighborhood. And the oil companies, homebuilders, etc. are to BLAME...PERIOD! NOW they need to pay up, and I hope that everyone in this community gets $1 million-plus for all the pain and suffering that they have endured. They can't sell their homes; they can't move. That is not right. And also the homeowners have been threatened? My gosh, it sounds to me like there is a major, major conspiracy here and a major cover-up. Maybe we should call Erin Brockovich. I hope to HELL everyone goes down, down, down who is responsible for this. Good day, sir, and I hope to hell you can drink the water out of YOUR sink.

Comment by Michelle S
April 17, 2007

Wake up and join the suit: Bless you, Mr. Spivak, for writing this article. It was time all of this was brought out in the open. Failure to disclose is illegal and is punishable. Why have the developers and builders been allowed to line their pockets at the expense of these innocent homeowners? What I really do not understand is why so many of the homeowners are in denial. Do they want to die a tragic and unnecessary death for the sake of the almighty dollar? They need to wake up and join those in the suit, then maybe the developer would realize his money does not protect him. Denial is no excuse for failure to disclose, and one day those in denial might want to sell. Do they think they are immune from being sued for disclosure violations? They need to think again, because their pockets are probably not as deep as those of the developers. As a licensee in Texas, I would never knowingly list anything that was undisclosed, because I do not want to go to jail.

Comment by L Jones
April 17, 2007

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