Down the Rabbit Hole

Tiny Boxwood's serves up delectable dishes in a magical setting.

We park in front of some tennis courts on a narrow street crowded with luxury vehicles before heading in to have breakfast at Tiny Boxwood's (3614 West Alabama, 713-622-4224). It's just past 7 a.m. We walk past the garden gates and escape into another world. Untouched by the rigmarole of Houston, Tiny Boxwood's, located inside Thompson & Hanson Nursery, feels like a secret garden. Did I fall down a rabbit hole? I don't feel like I'm in Houston anymore.

We go past the sleek glass doors and find a chalkboard menu with the day's breakfast and lunch offerings. The morning cheese plate sounds good, but I can't pass up the Lovin' Canada, a plate of boiled eggs and toast with housemade strawberry jam. This to me is perfect to eat this early, when all I really want is a hot cup of coffee.

My breakfast mate orders the tomato and artichoke quiche. The crust is flaky, and the filling is creamy and light. I take a bite and immediately taste Gruyère. I sip my bottomless mimosa and peer around the small, square dining room filled with urban professionals. It's not a word I want to use to describe this place, but what comes to mind is "beautiful."

Have a steak and avocado salad and a Lunch Punch in the garden.
Troy Fields
Have a steak and avocado salad and a Lunch Punch in the garden.

Location Info


Tiny Boxwood's Cafe

3614 W. Alabama St.
Houston, TX 77027

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Greenway Plaza


Breakfast hours:7 to 11 a.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. Lunch hours: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. Late-afternoon menus: 2 to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. Dinner menu: 5 to 10 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. Brunch hours: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sundays.

Lovin' Canada: $6

Quiche: $5

Mimosa: $10

Steak avocado salad: $15

Fish tacos: $15

Turkey burger: $12

Lone Star: $3

Lunch Punch: $6

Brussels sprouts pizza: $15

Shrimp and risotto: $25

Buffalo filet: $28

Mojito crumble: $9

Tiny Boxwood's

3614 West Alabama, 713-622-4224.

My second trip to Tiny Boxwood's is for lunch. There's a line out the door, and there are no empty tables. My lunch mate and I stand outside waiting in the quickly moving line to place our order at the counter. The chalkboard menu is the same one I saw at my breakfast visit, but now there's a smaller chalkboard listing the lunch specials of fish tacos and something called Lunch Punch. A young man working the dining room announces that seats are available at the bar with full service. Perfect.

My companion and I sit at the marble bar and order the steak and avocado salad, fish tacos and a turkey burger. I ask about the Lunch Punch, a mimosa-like concoction with fruit. I find myself wondering, if I drink it, will I shrink? I gaze at the wood-burning oven. It wasn't in use at breakfast, but now it's fired up. The young woman behind the counter is putting goat cheese toasts inside.

We split the salad. Besides greens, steak and avocado, it has cheddar cheese and tortilla strips tossed with a zesty lime vinaigrette. It perfectly coated everything, counteracting the creaminess of the cheese and the salty beef chunks. The beef is chewy, but I like that. I like to feel the flesh being ripped apart by the jagged molars in my mouth. I always hear people complain that their steak is too tough. Some steaks are meant to be that way — not everything is a damn beef tenderloin. Those teeth in the back of your head are sharp for a reason.

The turkey burger is incredible. Spicy, smoky and juicy — you can really taste the seasoning in the meat — this burger is gourmet. The goat cheese on top is smoked, and there's just the right amount. It's not oozing out or taking over the other flavors. The spicy burger makes me thirsty. Next to the counter at Tiny's is a reach-in cooler with sodas, bottled water and beer. Peroni, Stella Artois and...Lone Star? It's an odd choice for such a fancy restaurant in River Oaks. As much as I love Stella, I opt for the Lone Star precisely because it seems so out of place.

I'm on my second beer when I take the last bite of my burger. I ask the woman behind the counter if the potato chips that came with my burger were made in house. She says they were, and I'm inclined to believe her. But my lunch mate swears they're Zapp's. Why would she lie, though? Maybe she didn't know.

The fish tacos came with baked tilapia, and I ask my companion to save me the last bite. I am really picky about my fish tacos — I won't just stick any old fish taco in my mouth. It's decent, although not my favorite, but like I said, I am picky. The best part about the tacos is the Cholula aioli.

I sit back and take a gander at the busy crowd in the restaurant. My first impression of TBW at breakfast was: "beautiful." Looking around at lunch, "money" is the first word that comes to mind. Again, it's not the one I want to use.

I'm really starting to like this place. The food is fabulous and the atmosphere is transporting. Next time a friend comes to town and wants to get a good taste of what the Houston food scene has to offer, I'll definitely bring him here. Having a cafe inside a nursery is pretty cool. And it must be said, there are a ton of hot women here.

My next trip down the rabbit hole is for dinner. This time I want to eat near the garden. I grab a wine and a beer and take my dinner companion to a bench across the nursery. The wonderland of interesting River Oaks women has grown. Now they are all wearing funny hats and drinking wine: the Mad Hatters.

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