Best Go-carts (2001)

Speedy's Go Cart

Don't you just hate it when a go-cart track is so crammed into the available space that the course is little but a series of traffic-jam-inducing hairpin curves? Don't you hate it when at least one car conks out every time, putting up the yellow caution flag for everyone else? Don't you really hate it when the car that conks out every time is yours? Then you should head out Hempstead Highway to the northwest part of town to Speedy's Go Carts, where you won't have to put up with those hassles. Our preteen go-cart expert rhapsodizes about the long straightaway, the broad curves and the well-maintained cars. The staff is friendly, the place is clean as far as go-cart places go, and the arcade is not one of those overwhelming Dave & Buster's-type multimedia extravaganzas. There aren't a lot of frills at Speedy's, but who goes to a go-cart track for frills?


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