Bigger Than Jesus: The Best Musician Boasts

4. "A lot of cats copy the Mona Lisa, but folks still line up to see the original." - Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong ranks not only as one of the greatest jazz trumpet players of all time, but also as one of the most parodied. His odd facial expressions and distinct gravelly voice are still the subject of impression artists almost 40 years after his death.

Though he was known far and wide for his gentle personality and kindness, Armstrong was also not without a little conceit. For instance, he was fairly unimpressed at being asked to play a private concert for King George VI. His opening line for the recital was, "Yo Rex! This one's for you."

5. "I got a body like an Aztec temple." - Tim Qualls

Our local boys are just as capable of crowing as the big boys. Take 2010 HPMA Best New Act winner Tim Qualls, whose debut EP This Is Our Land was one of Houston's best releases in the Past year. But what kind of humility do you expect from a guy who writes a song called "Vain."

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6. "I'm so omniscient; if there were two of me I'd be both of them." - Ziltoid the Omniscient

Our absolute favorite brag ever comes from the wonder known as Ziltoid.

Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad decided to quit touring and spend time with his family in 2006. During that time he conceived a metal opera starring an insane alien warlord named Ziltoid intent on conquering the universe in the name of finding a good cup of coffee.

Using a puppet to represent the main character, Townsend made video diary entries for Ziltoid's MySpace, one of which contained the above quote.Townshend is currently working on a sequel called Z2.

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